All about home

My home is my fortress, is it?

From anywhere in the world we always say: the best in the house, it’s good to go home, there’s nothing like my bed and more.

On the other hand, you will see people who are constantly searching for what to do outside the home and are waiting to return. How and why does this happen?
Let’s take for example a fancy house whose entrance is dark and we encounter broken furniture waiting for the repair, and we almost fall around with plants with dried plants, in front of us is a door with peeling paint and a rusty handle that almost falls. We will continue into the house and encounter a wall just in front of the door, where coats hang in disorder, inward more, at the entrance to the living room just in front of the eyes is a picture of the crying child decorating the entire wall and all the walls white.

It is important that the entrance be bright and airy, cracks and peeling lime symbolize cracks and fatigue and quarrels, allow the sun and wind to enter the house, fill the house with colors, disperse plants that help to purify the radiation of electrical appliances. Soft and warm lighting and upwards. Play pleasant music, speak quietly, encourage children to create. This is a great natural remedy that helps you cure diarrhea fast and without side effects.

In the bedroom to create a spacious and clean space for love, try not to fight there. Avoid multiplying doors in the bedroom, except mirrors, hang pictures that reflect the love you want, not of a woman alone or individual objects. Not to put under the bed objects that disturb the energetic. Pastel colors are especially gray and brown. Happy carpet, curtains to soften and bring peace.

Avoid storing clothes / shoes / books / newspapers. Storing objects causes stings in our lives. To remove unused objects, accessories and paper, thus transmitting to the universe that they are ready for a new opportunity. Freeing the floor from objects that may cause a significant reduction in energy and cause depression and melancholy.

A desk or a headboard to be placed so that the door could be seen diagonally and behind us a protective wall. Sitting with your back to the door can cause a lack of concentration and difficulty in realizing your personal potential.
There is also what is called in professional jar poisoned poison: a fast track of qi, or accumulates in his way negative energy and it exists both at home and outside. Inside the room is the angle of a wall / piece of furniture or a long corridor. Outside it could be a thorn field or an electricity pole or a building under construction or even a cemetery.

Poisoned arrows interfere with working or eating or sleeping under their influence. The effect is not immediate but accumulates and feels the detrimental effect only after weeks or months.

Each room has four corners and the desk tends to accumulate in it because it moves along the walls. If the corner is used with the chi furniture, it will not get stuck, but if there is nothing there, the desk is stuck and with it our personal potential represented in the same room.

Inner corners of the bedroom – prevents the realization of emotional-intimate potential. We will find ourselves closed, shy and lacking in courage.
Interior corners in a study or office – we will not take advantage of opportunities to advance professionally.

Interior corners in the living room – difficult to open before people, we found ourselves isolated and disconnected from human society.
These can be activated by plants with pointed leaves that will produce poison arrows that will spread the qi stuck there if it is not close to our sitting / bed.
You can also put a lamp to wake up and break up the stuck qi.
Well my home is my castle, but you can upgrade it so that I will have a lot of fun living in it.